Monday, May 20, 2024

The sun shone as residents enjoyed the Village Beach in Grays

OVER 1500 residents came down to Grays Beach Park on Saturday to enjoy the Village Beach festival.

The atmosphere was described by one person as "one big friendly school fete" as residents strolled in the sun or had a seat and enjoyed the music as well as many other stalls that were dotted around the area.

The numbers looked down on last years Village Beach and they were very much down on T-Fest. Perhaps the whole day was a bit too bohemian for some.

Bu thing said that official figures put the attendance at close to 4,000.

T-Fest had a perfect combination of popular acts from X Factor/BGT and then local community acts.

But T Fest also brought its own set of challenges (just ask the police).

But we have to say that we spent a lovely three hours down at Village Beach and enjoyed the chilled out vibe, the good acts (especially the Thames Delta tent) and the lovely food.

Here is a fifteen minute film of some of the acts on display.


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