Monday, April 22, 2024

The Lost Park of South Ockendon

IT SEEMS to us that not a day goes by without a picture of an unkempt park being sent to us.

On Saturday and Sunday, it was the vast swathes of uncut grass on Blackshots Fields.

On Monday, a play park on Seabrooke Rose.

Today (Tuesday) we bring you the South Ockendon Recreation Ground.

Belhus Cricket Club use the park a lot and it is clearly something of an embarrassment to them.

It is clear that when other cricket clubs from across the county, come to South Ockendon, they are laughing at the state of the borough.

We know that many of our readers don’t care whether the boring is run by the Tories, Labour or the Judea’s People’s Front, they just want the place tidied up.

Over to you…..

Possibly lost in South Ockendon

1. Lord Lucan

2. Lord Lucan’s dog

3. Atlantis

4. Any Labour councillor since around 2012

5. Mr Perrin


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