Monday, May 20, 2024

Drum Corp success for South Ockendon twins

SOUTH OCKENDON twins Sophie and Rebecca Corcoran belong to The Company Performance Ensemble Drum Corp based in Sheffield.

They made a very brave decision earlier this year to move from their local band and join the UK’s leading Drum Corp.

They dedicate hours of time travelling and rehearsing.

They have taken part in three competitions this year resulting in gold each time.

There are three shows left this season and they hope to be crowned Drum Corp United Kingdom Champions and Drum Corp Europe Champions.

The girls also hold the following titles.

Rebecca current British Youth Band 14 and under brass individual champion

Rebecca current British Youth Band 18 and under Colourguard individual champion

Sophie is currently British Youth Band 14 and Under Colourguard individual champion

Sophie holds the title for British Youth Band Performer of the year.

The twins are also a member of Mayflower Performance Ensemble and their group are current A class champions.

Both girls hope to follow in their older sister Lara’s footsteps and march with an American Drum Corp and be crowned Drum Corp International World Champion like she did with Carolina Crown.


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