Polish businesswoman tells racist trolls: "No, I won’t go back to my own country".

A POLISH businesswoman who has lived in Thurrock for many years has found herself the subject of racist abuse.

But Chafford-based Ella Vine has told YT that she will not let them affect her as she makes plans with a number of business ventures.

Ms Vine was reacting to a comment made on the Thurrock Gazette website at the bottom of an article that showcased one of her business ventures.

The comment said: "She should go back to her own country with her silly idea, got enough polish over here".

Ms Vine said: "I am going to prove them wrong"

A large number of Ella’s friends have gone onto social media to condemn the comments.

The comment came as residents have reported a number of racist remarks made directly to them.

One said: "I can only apologise for the ignorance of my fellow countrymen and women and I can only say Polish men and women will always be welcome by me".

Grays Riverside councillor Tony Fish told YT that he had met a Polish couple in his ward that had been the subject of racist abuse.

Grays artist Lata Upadhyay also told YT that she was shopping in a supermarket when a person came up to her and said" Leave".

One resident reported men "Standing at a bus stop on Lodge Lane, exchanging Nazi salutes and racial slurs."

They added: "I have no evidence that they did this as a consequence of the referendum but I am not alone in feeling that many individuals feel that the Brexit vote has allowed them to use in public language that was frowned up at the very least for a long time."

Some have simply reported that they "feel the atmosphere has changed"

It appears that many people in Thurrock are reluctant to report these incidents as "hate crimes" but there is now a lot of anecdotal evidence that there is a problem that the authorities may need to address.

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