Thurrock Labour anger as Essex Tories continue to call for Option C on new Thames Crossing

THE LEADER of Thurrock Labour has reacted with anger as the Essex Conservatives continue to press the case for the Option C Thames Crossing.

Cll John Kent said: "It seems our friends at Essex County Council are keeping up the pressure on the new government and yet ignoring what is happening in their own back yard.

Essex County Councillor Rodney Bass, their cabinet member for infrastructure, has written to the new government outlining the county’s plans for roads – and pressing the case for the Option C Thames Crossing which we have fought so hard to prevent.

This letter was forwarded by Cllr Bass’ office to me and to Ron Woodley at Southend. Neither Ron or I now lead our respective councils … something that seems to have escaped them at County Hall.

This letter proves without doubt that we must continue to be vigilant, Thurrock Council must maintain its pressure on the new-look government – Tory-to-Tory – Thurrock people must keep up their guard because if Cllr Bass and his county mates get their way, we will have a new crossing at Tilbury and we will have a three-lane motorway through Thurrock homes, Thurrock businesses and Thurrock’s Green Belt.

It has nothing to do with Essex County Council.

I would hope that Cllr Gledhill has already contacted Cllr Bass and told him exactly what we in Thurrock think of his plans.

"I would also like to think Cllr Gledhill has written to Teresa May and her new team offering congratulations and highlighting the tremendous regeneration success we have had in Thurrock these past five or six years, setting out the borough’s exciting potential and making it clear we remain opposed to any new river crossing here.

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