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Health crisis as retiring GP threatens to close surgeries in Grays and Tilbury "close down" due to contract dispute

Update: 1000 hrs

Both surgeries are open. Dt Shehadeh has contacted us to tell us that he is unhappy with this.

He said: "The surgeries are open against my wish as the legal owner. The provider’s solicitor has handed the file to a trainee solicitor who is yet to come to work.

My solicitor has been chasing them since 8am."


A THURROCK GP has claimed he has shut down his surgeries in Tilbury and Grays, after a contractual dispute with potential new owners.

The decision could leave several thousand Grays and Tilbury residents without a GP on Wednesday morning.

Dr Emil Shehadeh is the owner of the Shehadeh Medical Centre in Quebec Road, Tilbury and the medical centre in Dell Road, Grays as well.

YT understood that negotiations with prospective new owners were fairly advanced but the the last few days things seemed to have stalled.

On Tuesday night, Dr Shehadeh issued the following statement.

He said: "It is with great regret that I have to announce the closure of my buildings (The Shehadeh Medical Centre Grays and Tilbury) for use by the current provider.

"My retirement, the purchase by the new owner of the buildings, the signing of a lease between the new provider and the new owner were all supposed to take place on 18.07.2016.

"That date was chosen after consultation with all interested parties. It is on that basis that I decided to give notice to NHS England that my last working day would be 17.07.2016.

"In the event the 18.07.2016 has come and gone. I have no income and yet I have occupants who do not seem to be in a hurry to sign the lease with the new owner to be.

The completion of the sale has been promised daily and every promise has been breached by last minute questions, many of which have already been answered. We have endured school -children types of stalling tactics, the buyer blaming the tenant and vise versa, and my being accused of threatening to report people up the management chain, as if that is an excuse to dishonor the agreed date of completion.

"I am no longer prepared to put myself at risk.

"Yesterday the new provider, after many unheeded warnings, were put on notice that if they do not sign the lease by 12 noon today, the surgeries would be closed and no longer available to them to use until the lease is signed.

"Then I was asked today to give them further time. I was promised that the sale would be complete by 5pm. By 6 pm it became clear that the tenant was still stalling and I was being given brazen untruths for an excuse.

"Apart from ruining my family holiday, these delays have almost quadrupled my legal costs.

"I have therefore decided that both surgeries will be closed till the sale is complete.

"I can only hope that all those involved including NHS England would ensure the process is complete today, so services can recommence’.

YT has contacted NHS England, Thurrock CCG, the portfolio for Adult Social Care at Thurrock Council, cllr James Halden and Tilbury councillor Steve Liddiard but neither one has responded to our request for a statement.

Only Thurrock Healthwatch and Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions replied to our communiques.

YT is attempt to get in contact with the other party in order to obtain a statement.


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