Will new William Edwards be a grammar school?

THURROCK Council new education boss fielded a number of questions on the bid by William Edwards to build a second school.

There are a number of local politicians who believe that the second educational institution may be a grammar school.

Last year, councillor Halden pushed through a motion at Thurrock Council that charged officers with looking at the promotion of a grammar school in Thurrock.

Last week, over 100 Tory MPs have promoted the idea of further grammar schools being built across the country targeting areas of social deprivation.

And lastly, Blackshots councillor, Ben Maney, who rarely speaks at council meetings, asked a question on the promotion of grammar schools in Thurrock.

With all that in mind, Labour councillors asked cllr Halden a series of questions on the building of new schools and a number of questions pertinent to William Edwards.

If the Orsett Heath Academy is to become a grammar school, then that may mean there will be a strict selection process.

The Q and A can be found from 30 minutes point on the film.

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