Outcry as council ask residents to clean up mess following traveller event in Corringham

CORRINGHAM residents were less than impressed with a request by Thurrock Council that asked them to join a litter pick after a two day traveller event on the Manorway.

YT has already documented the controversy surrounding the event that saw hundreds of members of the traveller community congregate for a horse trotting meeting.

Essex Police had a dispersal order at their disposal but made a tactical decision to "manage" the event.

Thurrock Council were very critical of the tactical decisions made by the police.

A debrief meeting s being held today.

After the event, Thurrock Council made a request for the community to gather on the Manorway and undertake a litter pick.

Here is a collection of the comments made:

"I am speechless……..they pay in absolutely nothing in the way of taxes, council or income, yet they can carry out an event like this with assistance, which is what they had, leave an absolute mess, then the council have the cheek to ask for volunteers to clear up their mess…. If anyone else had tried to do a similar event they would probably have been arrested. I cannot believe the police and council are so useless …..or is is just scared.

"I have never broke the law in my 67 years, this makes me so mad I want to scream at authority and refuse to pay any further tax of any kind. The council cannot even look after their own parks, roundabouts or shopping centres, but can waste funds clearing up and pandering to these disrespectful, unlawful people".

"Why should the great general public help ? Surely that’s what council tax and road tax are for ? Do your own bloody dirty work."

"You let it bloody happen so how about all your staff (should I say all our staff as we pay their wages )and the three police offices deal with it."

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