"Conned" Police called to Kidz Fest in Orsett after hundreds of angry parents complain

ESSEX POLICE were called to Orsett Showground on Saturday afternoon after angry parents felt the organisers of a two day children’s adventure festival had "conned" them.

Kidz Fest had been advertised as a "unique weekend full of fun at Orsett Showground."

The promotional adverts added: "Kidz Fest will host an array of interactive activities and performances across several themed zones."

And if you look at the lay out it on posters, it does appear to give the impression of being a sophisticated set up.

So you can imagine how angry and upset parents became when they went to Kidz Fest and were deeply underwhelmed by what they saw.

The "lowlight" appeared to be a collection of crisp boxes that masqueraded as a maze.

Thurrock mother-of-two, Caroline Roberts told YT about her experience.

Caroline said: "I was expecting something like Lollibob, which most parents will know has lots of zones and things to do. This was no better than a local school fete.

"But this was a school fete that cost up to £14 a person to get in and then you had to pay for a lot of the so called attractions.

"Not only were there people who had paid a lot of money, some had travelled a long way as well as some who had camped out thinking it was a two day event."

The second day was cancelled.

Hundreds of parents became so upset and so called Essex Police as they believed they had been defrauded.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “Officers attended to prevent breach of the peace and offered words of advice to attendees.”

A Facebook page called Kidz Fest 2016 Refund was created where many upset parents shared their experiences.

Kidz Fest organiser Tom Kembery joined the Facebook group and pledged refunds for those who had paid on-line.

Tom said: "Hello, I am sorry that you did not have a nice time at the event today.

"This was not my intention to upset anyone or to make your feel that you was mislead.

"As I said at the event I am more then happy to refund people.

"Please feel free to let me know your booking ref number (if booked with winterfest)."

It appears that a number of people had been refunded.

It appears that this may be the same Tom (or Tomo) Kembery who was involved in a Frozen event in Orsett last year. That event also attracted a great deal of criticism.

However, it look like those who paid on the gate or though sites such as Groupon, may not be so lucky.

YT has sent a number of questions to Mr Kemberry but we have yet to receive a response.

YT has also sent a number of questions to Thurrock Council, who, we understand, may have granted a licence to Kidz Fest.

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