Grays High Street: "Sort out this mess……….again" demands councillor

IN May 2015, YT ran a series of articles on the state of Grays High Street.

Residents had become sick and tried of the flotsam and jetsam that they were confronted with ever single day.

Thurrock Council admitted that they had cut too deeply into their cleaning crew and so pledged to up the cleaning of the high street.

Since then, Labour have handed over the reins of power to the Conservatives, who have pledged to make cleaning the borough their top priority.

They even have a catchphrase of "Cleanitcutitfillit"

But it appears that the problem has returned.

On Monday morning, West Thurrock councillor, Oliver Gerrish photographed the street and mocked the Tory campaign tweeting: "Cleanitcutitfillit….more like wingitfudgeitdodgeit."

Grays Riverside councillor Martin Kerin said: "Urgent action is required. Grays deserves better."

YT has contacted Thurrock Council and is awaiting a response.

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