Where are the Thurrock Conservatives taking the council’s budget?

IF you follow our films of Thurrock Council meetings (what do you mean you were washing your hair?), then you may have noted a certain line of inquiry from the former leader of Thurrock Council, cllr John Kent.

We think it goes something like this.

Councillor Kent ran the council for six years (2010-2016). He believes he inherited a council that was "close to bankruptcy" with very very little left in reserve.

He believes he left it in rude financial health with plenty in reserve, especially as the Conservative government drastically cut local government spending.

Cllr Kent appears to be concerned that the Conservatives may not have a total handle on the council’s budget. He appears to believe that they may end up making a number of rash decisions come February/March.

The control of the council’s budget is now in the hands of a very very confident cllr Shane Hebb.

Cllrs Hebb favourite phrase appears to be "I’m calling you out" Somewhat aggressive language but he simply means that he believes he is going down the right path.

The exchange below is now the third in what could be an interesting series.

It may sit here in this corner of YT but there may be considerable consequences for jobs and services in the borough over the next few years.

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