Anglia Water continue to blame litter for state of Grays Beach Park

WOODEN pallets, car tyres, a sofa and even a mattress have been hauled from the lagoon on Thames Road, Grays following flooding at Grays Beach Park.

Anglian Water removed the debris which had washed from the lagoon onto the water company’s screen that protects its pumping station.

It’s thought the items were washed downstream to the pumping station during high tide, causing sea water to flood Grays beach.

Sarah Dobson from Anglian Water said: “This is not natural debris from the environment and shouldn’t be in the lagoon because unfortunately it reduces the flows of this important watercourse and can have a devastating impact. This rubbish has caused sea water to flood Grays beach, forcing the closure of the beach for local families during the summer holidays.

“We’re working hard to keep the screens on our pumping station clear but we’d like the help of residents to spread the word about the problem and the impact this has.

“In the meantime we would like to urge members of the public who witness fly-tipping or spot the waste to report it through the proper channels.”

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