Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Hathaway Academy suffer exams slump

A VEIL of secrecy appeared to have been drawn over the GCSE results for Hathaway Academy school.

It is usually a straightforward process. You get sent a press release or you ring up and ask.

Last Thursday, news of the results from across the borough steadily trickled in. Some schools had maintained their high standards (Grays Convent); some had recovered very well after a blip last year (St Clere’s); and others had those great human interest stories (Gateway Academy) that make it such a special day.

And then there was Hathaway Academy.

We asked their sponsors (The Academy Transformation Trust) and they were happy to send news re relevant schools for our other news areas but did not send anything for Hathaway.

Thurrock Council had sent out a press release where they had praised a number of schools but they failed to mention Hathaway. YT made further inquiries with Thurrock Council and they helpfully revealed that only 37% of students 5 or more GCSEs (including English and Maths).

Finally, we looked at their Facebook (FB) page. It is usually a very busy FB page. Infact, it still is. It simply appears to have been frozen in time on August 25th, the day of the results.

Although, it may be worth noting that one person on FB asks the school: "Are you going to be reacting to the exam results. Particularly science? He did not receive a reply.

It has no doubt been a hard year for Hathaway Academy but many believe there are many many good news stories that have come out of their exam classes this year.

If instead you have what it appears to be a news blackout, it could look like you are ashamed of the students and that we are sure that is not the case.


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