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UKIP less than impressed by Thurrock Tories first one hundred days

IT looks like Thurrock UKIP are less than impressed by the first one hundred days of Tory rule at Thurrock Council.

UKIP Thurrock Group Leader, Cllr Graham Snell said: "It’s always amusing to hear Cllr Gledhill talk about how the Tories were voted in to run the Council. The fact is, they achieved the lowest percentage share of the vote for the last three years of any of the three Parties locally and were only able to seize control courtesy of a single vote by an independent Councillor making his first appearance in the Council Chamber for over six months.

"So, in effect, we are now governed by the disliked who are being propped up by the disinterested! Some victory.

"Cllr Gledhill also seems to have forgotten that in the days before the major Traveller incursion onto the Manorway this summer, he stated that he did not think that we should be looking to bring criminal charges against them for leaving piles of rubbish and damage everywhere they pitched up. Apparently he saw that kind of activity as their ‘way of life’.

"No wonder the Travellers saw Thurrock as a soft touch! Having said that, I am pleased to see that Cllr Gledhill has had a change of heart. Better late than never I guess.

"It must be said that a lot of the achievements claimed by the Tories were already being planned for and worked on in the last municipal year and, in fact, the good things that are starting to happen now are largely as a result of that and the hard work put in by Council officers more than from anything the Tory administration claim to have done."

UKIP Thurrock Deputy Leader, Cllr Roy Jones said: "The problem is that over the last couple of years the Tories have rarely attended important meetings to express these concerns. This is not the model of opposition that UKIP has followed. UKIP councillors have been the most active personnel at council since being elected and have the highest attendance records for all meetings and training sessions something the other existing parties feel is not necessary.

"There’s not a day go by without a press statement from Council expressing how well the Tories are doing. I remember an old saying by my mother which was ‘self praise was no recommendation’. We all know that a lot of what’s been carried out at council had been planned in the past and are just ongoing.

"The only new agenda the Tories have come up with is the Clean It, Cut It and Fill It policy which we are now being told is only for a pilot 3 month period. At the last full Council meeting I asked the question as to the costings of this to which there was very little reply and no costing figures at all. Now we hear that to date this agenda has cost the council an extra £260,000 and has resulted in an overspend on the environment and place budget. These monies will have to be found from other areas at council or borrowings carried out as to fund these activities because as we all know that central government are cutting the funding to local councils at a vast rate."

"UKIP councillors have shown that they are the hardest working party group at council with their case studies but don’t seem to be invited or involved with what’s going on at council. Like many residents we only hear the news via Council reports. We have not been invited to some meetings even if it was an issue that our councillors have more knowledge of and have been involved with. It seems that it is a closed shop at present with information only being supplied via council communication statements over hyping the Conservative administration. One would suggest that the last 100 days of this Conservative administration agenda is ‘Blow your own trumpet ain’t we good’. Residents see through this way of working. We UKIP councillors just go about doing what’s best for our community not needing any fanfare all the time. That’s what gets noticed."


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