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Thurrock Tories determined to see new grammar schools in the borough

THURROCK’S education boss has continued to pledge his commitment to bringing grammar school education to the borough.

The portfolio holder for education, cllr James Halden spoke to the Sunday Times to reveal what progress has been made.

Cllr Halden revealed that "Talks had already been held with the Regional Schools Commissioner"

"Officers are putting together a case for a share of the £50 million announced on Friday by the government".

He later added “I welcome the announcement today of the government’s consultation on schools reform and I am keen Thurrock plays an active part in these discussions.

“Thurrock is pro grammar school because more competition in the school market place is healthy and supports social mobility. Selection based on ability, and not based on where is live, is at the heart of social mobility.

“It is an exciting time, with the potential of grammar schools being added to the mix of education providers in Thurrock.

“We will continue to fully support our current family of schools in Thurrock – we are ambitious about our current schools which is why I chair a group to look at where we can support our Multi Agency trusts expand.

The announcement has been welcomed by Thurrock UKIP

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: "This is fantastic news. Grammar schools are the first step to reintroducing social mobility. The years of a privately educated few having access to the best education are coming to an end.

"UKIP is running the agenda again.

"Nationally they gave us an EU referendum they didn’t want and now they have introduced grammar schools despite attacking them for the last ten years.

"Locally UKIP Thurrock has led the campaign on repairs, pot holes and many issues and the other parties are playing catch up.

"Despite the backroom deal between Labour and Tories to keep UKIP from power in Thurrock, we are still setting the agenda."


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