Thurrock golf player grabs American golf scholarship

THURROCK’S Zachary Chegwidden (19) is one of the luckiest golf players who grabbed his dream ticket to America.

Zach has left England last month and says he is already settled down and doing his business classes at William Penn University in Iowa state.

“I chose America because it had been one of the dreams I have since I was a child and I had heard some great stories about being out here. I am studying business management in the states so that if the dream of being a professional golfer on the European tour never comes off I have a business degree that I can use to get a financial job in London.“ –explained the young golf star.

“Being a student athlete in the USA is good because it gives you great opportunity to work on your sport while achieving a high grade of education. A typical school day consist of a 6:00 till 7:00 gym session in the morning, then to class at 8:15 where I have the maximum of three lessons a day and the last I finish is 1:30 and then I’ll have golf practice at 4:00 every day. The school work is easy to understand as well because your professors help you with the work and give you a schedule to when work is due which is great!”

Andy Newman, Director of Sports and Golf Consultant at United Sports USA added:

“We have worked with Zachary for the last 12 months where he has been a client of United Sports USA. We provide students and families with a service that results in the kids achieving sporting and academic scholarships with in the US college system mainly soccer, golf, swimming and track and field. Zachary we believe is a terrific young talent who will only go from strength to strength from being part of a strong college golf program.”

Since 2009, the sports scholarship consultancy based in Glasgow have worked with students from 22 nations worldwide, spanning 4 continents placing kids at 41 States in America. Zach found out about the opportunity in his golf club, Orsett. “The opportunity to go out to America is great for any sports man not just golf so if you want to do anything with your sport but have a solid back up if you don’t end up playing it for a living then the USA is the way for you!” –added Zach. 

He also told us that he had mixed emotions about leaving. “I was really excited to go and play golf in tournaments all the time and have an experience of a lifetime. But I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I feel good about being out here now!! When I first got here I did feel home sick but if you get through that and get involved in campus activities, you will feel at home and want to stay!” He also took some English chocolate and his special ball marker with himself to America. 

His plans regarding golf are also ambitious. “My plans with golf are to get on the European or PGA tours and play professional if I am good enough (which I hopefully am)”. His family had also mixed emotions about him leaving, but definitely, everyone is very proud of him.

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