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UKIP call for by-election after former councillor defects

THURROCK UKIP has called for a by-election after the councillor who was elected on a UKIP ticket defected to the Conservatives.

UKIP Thurrock Group Leader, Cllr Graham Snell said: "Recently in Council ‘Real Recall’ was discussed where Councillors failing to represent their constituents would be forced to resign.

"The Tories blocked this and made sure it was only voluntary but made a commitment that they would abide by the spirit of the motion nonetheless. Part of the agreement was councillors changing party would stand down and fight a by-election.

"Cllr Churchman was elected as a UKIP Cllr but we quickly found out he was incompatible with our group whereupon he left and became an Independent . We are surprised they have let him join considering some of the Tory Councillors have said previously they would rather lose an election than work with him. It shows how desperate their leadership situation has become since May.

"Bearing all this in mind, we look forward to Cllr Gledhill announcing the date of the upcoming by-election. Or will we get yet another u-turn from a Tory group now regularly telling residents one thing in the chamber and doing something else entirely?"

Below is a film of Colin Churchman’s acceptance speech in May 2015.


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