UKIP councillor in East Tilbury slams council for “stealing her thunder”

ANY member of the Facebook page called “Your East Tilbury” cannot fail to be impressed by the work that new councillor Sue Sammons in undertaking in her ward.Every few days, cllr Sue lets her residents know how she is getting on with a number of issues. It may planning applications, nuisance youths or lorry parks.We had noticed how proactive Sue was when it came to the issue of nuisance lorries in the Bata industrial estate.But when Conservative-led Thurrock Council issued a press release, Sue’s contribution, was, somewhere deep in the mix.Cllr Sue Sammons said: “This has been something I have been working on very closely with Cllr Roy Jones and Council Officials as it has been driving local residents mad.”I’m disappointed that the Council has credited the Conservatives with this work considering they haven’t been involved at all or attended any meetings on the issue.”While they seem to claim the issue is now resolved, I have still seen lorries moving at night. I have sent the details to the Council and hope they take action soon. I will continue working with the local residents I am elected to represent.”Maybe the Conservatives could try visiting East Tilbury and understanding residents concerns rather than sitting in the Council Offices in Grays and trying to run the borough by press release.”I’m disappointed that they are taking credit for other peoples hard work by sending out hundreds of propaganda emails through the Council Press Office.”

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