Jobs to go as Tories set to close childrens centres across Thurrock

A NUMBER of children’s centres may close and jobs go across Thurrock as the Conservative run council aim to save money.The proposals will be out before the council cabinet on Wednesday night (Oct 12th).The cabinet proposes that the following children’s centres should closeAveleyStanford-le-HopeEast TilburyChafford HundredBrisbane House, TilburyThe paper explains why the cuts are necessary. It states:”The overall budget for Children’s Centres in 2016-17 is £1,208,500. The redesigned service will realise efficiencies of £400,000.”While the number of Children’s Centre buildings would be reduced in the proposed model (from nine to five) services would be offered to meet the needs of all localities through using a greater range of outreach sites.The new model would reduce the budget for running Children’s Centres by £400,000 from £1,208,500 to £808,500 with most of the efficiencies coming from reduced staff numbers; staff would be reduced from 39 to 21 Full Time Equivalents (FTE).Agree the Integrated 0-19 Wellbeing Model to support children and families, including the redesign of the Children’s Centres service, as set out in this report.1.2 Agree that Officers proceed with the proposed joint consultation by Public Health and Children’s Services to secure stakeholder and public approval to the model.1.3 Subject to the outcome of the consultation exercise and in consultation with the Portfolio Holders, agree to proceed to tender for the following services: Healthy Families up to a total maximum value of £21M over 5 years Early Offer of Help up to a total maximum value of £2M over 5 years1.4 Agree Delegated Authority to award the Healthy Families Contract to the Director of Public Health in agreement with the Portfolio Holder for Education and Health.1.5 Agree Delegated Authority to award the Early Offer of Help Contract to the Corporate Director of Children’s Services in agreement with the Portfolio Holder for Children’s and Adults’ Social Care Services.1.6 Agree to establish a Project Board with representatives from Early Years, Employment Skills and Public Health to oversee delivery of the 0 19 Wellbeing Model.

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