Thurrock parkrun celebrates it’s first birthday

THE Thurrock parkrun celebrated its first birthday on Saturday.Every Saturday morning, between fifty and a hundred hardy souls undertake the 5K (3.1 mile) trek around Orsett Heath.It is not a race but more a personal challenge and that challenge is simply what you want it to be.There are hundreds of park runs all across the country. It is free to enter and all you need to do is register on-line.The organiser of Thurrock parkrun, Trevor Rawson said:”When I ran my first parkrun at Gunpowder, Waltham Cross in 2013, I knew immediately I wanted an event in Thurrock.”The process took approximately 600-hours of my time, which I can account for but sure it took a lot more. I was not alone, our Ambassador Vicky Cooper supported us all the way and Thurrock core-team volunteers learnt the mysteries of parkrun at other events primarily Basildon, Harrow Lodge and Barking.”Eventually we held our inaugural event on 10 October 2015. This was done without expectation of any reward other than the satisfaction of bringing parkrun to Thurrock.”Here’s to your events first anniversary and looking forward to many more.We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Fay ADAMS, Amy ALLEN, Colin AUSTIN, Mary DENTE, Sandra HARNOR, Ron HARRY, Michelle HOEY, Harvey KIDDLE, Renae LAYBOURN, Michael MALT, Ray MILLER, Topliss NICOLA, Julie RAWSON, Trevor RAWSON, Jo WAKELING and Jane YEOWELLStatistics for our first yearNumber of volunteers: 112Number of runners: 775Number of volunteers occasions: 771Number of runs: 2,830Number of clubs: 78Number of PBs: 657Average number of runs per runner: 3.7Biggest Attendance: 113Total hours run: 0Years 59Days 2Hrs 44Min 53SecsTotal distance run: 14,150kmTotal volunteer hours at event year 1; 787 equating to £9,444 in social value.Female volunteer award – sponsored by New-Living International Christian CentreJo Wakeling 41-volunteer occasionsCommended Renae Laybourn -35Commended Jane Yeowell 34Male volunteer award sponsored by Start your own buisenes academyRay Miller 46-volunteer occasionsCommended Colin Austin 35Junior volunteer female – sponsored by Tai Chi for Health (Essex)Amy Allen 25-volunteer occasionsCommended Lacy Wakeling 10Commended Niamh 10Junior volunteer male – sponsored by Tai Chi for Health (Essex)Harvey kiddle 17-volunteer occasionsCommended Brody Wakeling 10 under 4 so not countedFamily award sponsored by Thurrock NomadsThe Flood family 8-parkrunners of whom 5-volunteer – AWARD TO BE COLLECTEDFemale points leader sponsored by Thurrock NomadsSuzanne Saville 33-runs 1-volunteeringMale points leader sponsored by Thurrock HarriersRay Davies 40-runs 4-volunteeringJunior Female points leader sponsored by Socketts Heath Baptist ChurchCarrie Wymark 20-runs – AWARD TO BE COLLECTEDJunior Male parkrunner sponsored by Socketts Heath Baptist ChurchJamie Mack 25-runs – AWARD TO BE COLLECTEDCommended William Adams for 31-runs close second by 24-pointsTop dog sponsored by Alicia’s Obedience Dog TrainingJazz with Zoe 31 runs 5volunteeringExceptional event support sponsored by CHRGMichelle Hoey and Lucy Robinson Both will make sure our event takes place every week. – LUCY AWARD TO BE COLLECTEDFemale parkrunner spirit of parkrun – sponsored by Your ThurrockEmma Wakeling 19-runs and 17-volunteering. When cannot run will always volunteering with her children. Encouraged many other of our regulars to take part leading by example. Will run with totally unsuitable pushchairs requiring superhuman effort to get it through the long grass.Male parkrunner spirit of parkrun sponsored by Your ThurrockBoomy Tokan 46-runs 6-volunteering very supportive of our event, fellow parkrunners and always happy to sacrifice his run if we are short of volunteers.

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