Destruction Derby lives up to its name!

A 32 car Destruction Derby was the highlight of the annual Terry Skeef memorial meeting at Arena Essex on Sunday.Team mates Ben Coppen and Kevin Giles kicked off the demolition with a big head on collision, Chelsey Garcha then went head to head with Ben Lawrence whilst John Avery went in hard on Ashley Grierson. Charlie Daniels dished out the biggest hit of the day on Sam Topley whilst Grierson fell victim to a couple of big hits from Daniel Jordan. Kevin Giles got mobile again and reversed into Shane Bullen before taking the more conventional forward attack, writing his car off against several others. Tommy Parker put in several hard crashes before his badly damaged car wondered into the exclusion zone on the exit of the bend, earning a disqualification. Tommy wasn’t the only one as others including Matt Tuppen found themselves either pushed into the zone were unable to keep their cars from lurching off track.The lively Craig Thurlow pounded Daniel Jordan, earning himself the most destructive driver award along the way. As the event wound down and many of the cars breathed their last, Tom Greenstreet put a stop to veteran racer, Roy Rawlins before taking a couple of big hits from Jack Coveney. Coveney’s car died though leaving Greenstreet as the winner.Earlier in the day Leon Sudbury won the Terry Skeef memorial final, besting over 70 drivers who raced during the afternoon. Lewis Canham, Steve Haines and Charlie Barwell were also winners during the afternoon.The season long Banger Track Championship culminated too – the winner – Josh Cant and second placed Lewis Canham now qualify for the World Final to be held at Ipswich in November.In the Stock Rod formula, David Crouch had a day to remember as he not only wrapped up the track points title, narrowly defeating World Champion Luke Oliver, but he also won the opening race on the day, which was the Supreme Championship. Having lost a bunch of places at the start, Carl Shackleford made his way through into third place, but ran out of laps to do anything about his father – Wayne, who beat him in the dash to the line for second.Two dominant displays by Ryan Mayling in the Junior Mini Stox heats were a great way for the youngster to bow out of the formula – he reaches the formulas retirement age of 16 during the closed season. A heavy rain shower just before the start of the Lowman Jones Engines final proved to be many drivers undoing, Ryan was one of many who went fencewards on the first lap as they struggled to find grip.Novice racer Craig Eltham drove brilliantly in the early laps, pulling into a big lead that was the best part of half a lap at one point. After a few hairy moments of his own, Luke Dorling calmed himself down and made serious inroads into Eltham’s lead, Eltham himself now starting to perhaps sense the arrival of Dorling and driving a wider line than he had in the early part of the race. Dorling pulled a long way clear once he pounced past Eltham, but Eltham was sufficiently clear of Charlie Morphey for second.Dorling wrapped up the Junior Mini Stox Track Championship, the Norfolk visitor a long way clear of Steph Sore and Harry Overy.The next action at Arena Essex is on October 23rd when the National Banger Legends meeting will feature many names from yesteryear on track. The Stock Car Essex Championship and Lightning Rod Supreme Championships will also be contested. Start time 1pm.

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