Blogspot: Getting back on terms with the Tories

A NEW poll was released this week giving the Tories a 17-point lead over Labour. The Tories are currently polling at 43% while Labour has slipped to a pathetic 26%.This is what happens when a party is not united and is more interested in holding a meaningless leadership contest, while a certain faction of the party continues to plot, scheme and undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. The Labour coup are worse than petulant children throwing tantrums because they can’t get their own way.Right now the NHS is in crisis. Mental health services are failing thousands of people across the country. The Tories are in disarray with their Brexit strategy and are fanning the flames of racism, xenophobia and hate with their dangerous and divisive rhetoric. Child poverty has increased by 250,000. The Emergency Services cannot cope because of Tory cuts.I could list way more things that are devastating Britain right now, but Labour’s priority is to continue throwing hissy fits at Jeremy Corbyn rather than uniting behind him to hold the Tories to account. I am not even a Labour Party member, yet I am still showing my support from the sidelines but my patience and loyalty have started to wear thin. I am literally fed up with having petty squabbles with Labour Party members and supporters, or witnessing petty squabbles online between the two. We are all meant to be on the same side opposing the Tories and campaigning on behalf of the millions of people across Britain who need a Labour government.My father has been a Labour voter for over 50 years but has now turned to UKIP and nothing I say can convince him to support Jeremy Corbyn. My father has had enough of Labour’s infighting, he is disgusted at the way the party has treated me and he is very angry at Jeremy Corbyn’s stance towards immigration – and so am I. Both me and my father voted Brexit along with 17 million other people – including 73% of Thurrock, yet despite Brexit primarily being about immigration and the effects it is having on working class communities like mine, Jeremy Corbyn is ignoring Britain’s voice and instead favours the current system of open door immigration. This is completely unacceptable and unworkable, and Jeremy Corbyn has played right into the hands of UKIP.Jeremy Corbyn has pledged a £500bn package toward communities that are struggling because of uncontrolled immigration. Investment is brilliant, but throwing money at the immigration problem is not the answer and is only a short-term fix. As communities grow it has an adverse effect on housing and local infrastructure, which will mean more money will be required to ensure communities can cope. This strategy is completely unworkable and unsustainable and Jeremy Corbyn must change his stance towards immigration.We need a sensible immigration policy and I am in favour of a points-based immigration system which will enable us to control the numbers but also have a sympathetic view towards refugees and asylum seekers. This is what Brexit supporters want and if Jeremy Corbyn accepts this policy then Labour support would quickly grow in working class communities like mine to the expense of UKIP. It would also change my father’s mind about voting UKIP, and believe me there are millions of people like him across the country.The Labour leadership election is over and Jeremy Corbyn now has a new Shadow Cabinet in place. Now is the time for Labour to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn and form a strong opposition to the Tories, otherwise the party will face total wipeout across the country in 2020 – and it will be the Tories and UKIP that will enjoy political gain.The total irony of the ‘Saving Labour’ movement is breathtaking, when, in fact, they are doing the complete opposite. You just couldn’t make it up.I recently said that I would rejoin the Labour Party, but I have since changed my mind. Colin Ricks, Chairman of Thurrock Labour, made his feelings pretty clear when he attacked me in a Your Thurrock article two week’s ago. He has forgotten about the hard work and dedication I gave Thurrock Labour when I campaigned for the group between 2014 and 2015. I even saved up £500 and donated it to the party, but clearly loyalty and generousity means nothing.Two weeks ago, Labour campaigned nationwide against Theresa May’s grammar schools, yet Thurrock Labour were nowhere to be seen. This just shows how much the party really cares about Thurrock and children’s education. I rest my case.

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