Frustration with litter and fly-tipping continues

IT does appear that the more that Thurrock Council try to clean up the borough, the more we receive reports of fly-tipping and litter.Over the last few days, we have received the following reports.Jenny said: “I would just like to inform you that my friend and I walk daily along Ship lane and under the flyover leading to Dartford tunnel, then down to McDonalds.We actually walk from Belhus Gym,and the over grown shrubbery and rubbish, especially leading to the roundabout under the bridge makes it hard to keep to the pavements.”We really think these paths could be cleared by the council, as we walk early in the mornings and it’s getting darker,we are forever getting caught up in the brambles”.Paul took a photo of the fly-tipping in North Stifford. He said: “Unfortunately Thurrock really has gone downhill the past few years feels like the council have given up.”Orsett councillor Sue Little also reported fly-tipping and took a photograph of the mess in Horndon.

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