Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Redcoats are coming to Tilbury!

ON Sunday 23rd October visitors to Tilbury Fort will be taken back in time to 1815, when the soldiers of the Duke of Wellington’s army will be training at the English Heritage site in Tilbury.The 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot, one of the country’s premier Napoleonic re-enactment groups, will spend the day drilling and firing their muskets, the famous “Brown Bess, used by the British army until the middle of the 19th Century.This is actually one of the regiment’s monthly training events and the first to be held this year at this fantastic 17th Century Fort, built during the reign of Charles II.One of the Sharpe TV programmes, Sharpe’s Regiment, used the fort as a location for the episode and many of the features will be recognised from that film.The 44th will be at the fort on Sunday the 23rd October and also on Sunday 27th November, so if you fancy a great day out take the family along, explore the fort and get a whiff of gunpowder and see the heroes of Waterloo being put through their paces. You may even decide re-enactment is for you and want to “take the King’s shilling. God save the King!


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