Support Victoria on her marathon walk for her brother

LOCAL resident, Victoria Renaldo-King is walking over 26 miles in memory of her brother. Victoria put it in her own words.”On the morning of June 8th 2014, my brother Julian was admitted to hospital with pains in his chest. Later that day he was diagnosed with an aortic dissection and was taken into theatre for emergency heart surgery. We were told that his main artery had ruptured and we waited together in a quiet room for eighteen long hours of surgery.During those hours we prayed and tried our hardest to remain positive. Eventually, we were told the devastating news that he didn’t make it. After repairing the rupture, Julian was unable to be resuscitated. We were all shocked and heartbroken, the news was unbearable.Julian was 44 years old. He had a massive heart and was always very protective over his family and friends. He left behind three beautiful children whom he loved dearly.He was an amazing character who was forever young at heart. Julian loved to play the guitar and loved listening to music. When he was alive he would often send me songs to listen to and after he died I played his music often to feel close to him. But then I found comfort when walking. As I walked, I felt he was walking beside me. It really started to help with my grief.Beautiful memories surround my thoughts whenever I walk and it was for this reason that I decided to walk a marathon in memory of my brother last year. I wanted not only to raise awareness to this heart condition but to also make Julian’s Birthday a positive day, giving friends and family the opportunity to share kindness and generosity towards a good cause in memory of him.My challenge is to walk a marathon in a day – 26 miles on the 26th November 2016, in memory of Julian. Two of my lovely friends, Kim Brown and Jodie Channing have decided to walk with me this year and also my sister Francesca. Together we will do our best to raise money and awareness to Aortic Dissection.I know Julian would feel honoured that through your kindness something good can be done in the world and people could potentially live longer lives with your help and support in this area. Last year we raised over £2000. Thank you so much – your generosity and support last year was amazing!Please find it in your heart to donate towards this disease. In the hope that through research and training it will effectively be diagnosed and treated at its earliest stages. Read more about AD and what your money will be helping to achieve:Since 1967 Heart Research UK have funded pioneering medical research as well as encouraging people in their local communities to improve their lifestyles through Healthy Heart grants. More recently they have focussed their work on, among other things, aortic dissection, which is a tear in the aortic wall, which is life-threatening if left untreated. In 2016, Heart Research UK is funding a Fellowship in aortic surgery at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. This will give a talented trainee cardiothoracic surgeon the unique opportunity to work with, and learn from, a team of experienced surgeons for 12 months.They have also funded 2 Masterclasses in aortic arch surgery, which is a unique opportunity for surgeons all over the UK to gain hands-on experience of total aortic arch replacement. Heart Research UK would like to continue to support work relating to aortic dissection.

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