Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Belmont Childcare in Grays rated as “Outstanding”.

A CHILDCARE agency based in Gray has been rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted.Belmont Childcare Agency Limited is based at Belmont Village Hall in Grays.Ofsted visited in September and made the following observations.The partnerships with parents are extremely strong and effective. Staff work progressively with parents and carers to provide an effective, consistent and continuous provision for children in order to support their welfare and ongoing development. Staff work extremely positively and enthusiastically towards early intervention to make a difference in children’s lives through a wealth of play experiences. This successfully provides children with the skills they require for their next stage in their learning. Every child’s achievement is celebrated and shared, however small. Staff work tirelessly with a wide range of other professionals and agencies to provide a consistent approach to children’s learning and care. This supports exceptional outcomes for children. Children play in a highly inclusive environment. Children and their families are respected for their background, culture and language. Staff extensively value input from the family into children’s care and use information extremely well to reflect on and celebrate children’s heritage. Children are extremely confident and independent. They develop close bonds with staff within very short periods of time due to the staff’s sensitive nature. Children receive excellent levels of support to enhance their emotional well-being, especially during the transition to their next place for learning. Children’s physical well-being is very carefully fostered through sensitive approaches from all staff. They act as excellent role models for children by showing them how to wash hands and giving clear explanations. Specialist staff promote healthy eating and physical exercise as part of following a healthy lifestyle.


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