Friday, February 23, 2024

UKIP’s union flags fly high across Thurrock for remembrance services

union-flagsTHURROCK’S remembrance services are set to be the most patriotic ever as union flags are being raised across the borough.

UKIP’s Tim Aker has been given permission by Thurrock Council to fly flags in Grays, South Ockendon, Aveley, Stifford Clays and Tilbury with other areas set to follow.

The move has proven so popular that residents are following suit as well as hoping that the flags can remain all year round. Infact cllr Aker has gone onto social media to pledge that “they will be”

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said:”Thurrock Council received an application from the Aker Foundation to raise the Union Flag across the borough for Remembrance Day weekend.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, previously had the fee to raise similar flags in Tilbury for Merchant Navy Day waived and in a similar way, has exempt the fees normally associated with application requests.

“Thurrock Council is working with the applicant to agree a suitable removal date”.

The move has been criticised in some quarters, with concerns that the flags may make the this year’s services more like a pro-Brexit political rally than a civic memorial to the fallen.



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