Friday, April 12, 2024

Thurrock schools could be set to face “devastating cuts”

DISADVANTAGED children in Thurrock are likely to be hit hardest by Government changes to school funding, according to a new School Cuts interactive website from the National Union of Teachers (NUT).

The NUT and the ATL are calling on the Government to take immediate action to inject much needed money into the system and protect schools from rising costs.

According to the website, Thurrock schools may face cuts over £8.8 million worth of cuts in the next four years with around 238 teachers being made redundant.

Thameside Primary may face losing ten teachers with cuts just over £400,000.
2016 budget: £2,512,000
Estimated 2020 budget in real terms: £2,107,257
Change in annual budget by 2020: -£404,743

William Edwards may face losing seven teachers as it faces up to cuts in the region of £283,993.
2016 budget: £5,908,000
Estimated 2020 budget in real terms: £5,622,005
Change in annual budget by 2020: -£285,995

An industry expert told YT “Because of the high needs funding that some schools have historically received and due to the number of students with additional needs, many have been cushioned by the minimum funding guarantee that the govt is removing in 2020.

“I would say (and really hope this is true) that it is overly pessimistic but even if it is showing double the final amount of cuts (which I doubt it is that wrong) it is potentially disastrous”.

According to the website, Thurrock schools could face the following cuts.


Gateway Academy: £674,188

Hathaway Academy: 280,495
Harris Academy Chafford Hundred: £259,350
St Clere’s: £251,887

Gable Hall: £198,833

Grays Convent: £56,113


Primary Schools

Thameside: £404,743

Tudor Court: £328,360

Belmont Castle: £252,340
Lansdowne: £238,277
St Thomas Canterbury: £224,459

Shaw Primary: £197,437
Quarry Hill: £188,021
Gateway Primary Free: £179,982
West Thurrock : £177.712
Dilkes: £175,389
Woodside: £169,052
Chadwell St Mary: £166,560
Warren: £162,787
Little Thurrock: 160,130
St Mary’s: £157,369
Tilbury Pioneer: £153,890
Deneholm: £152,600
Corringham Primary: £149,
Herringham: £145,809
Bonnygate: £143,583
Holy Cross: £123,246
St Joseph’s: £122,679
Stanford-le-Hope: £120,472
Graham James: £117,244
Orsett: £97,232
Abbots Hall: £91,620
Horndon: £91,289
Somers Heath: £84,848
Harris Primary Academy Mayflower: £84,787
Arthur Bugler: £84,307


  1. i feel sorry for the next generation and the level of education for these children will be neglectful and well below the standard the Law states they should be receiving if the above cuts are implemented.


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