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Ban on horse drawn carriages on Manorway in Corringham to be made permanent

manorway-3THE Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) prohibiting horse-drawn carriages on the A1014 Manorway, Corringham will now be implemented permanently.

At the recent Cabinet meeting (9 November), Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, announced the consultation on extending the order, which gives police the power to fine anyone who breaks it, received no objections.

A temporary TRO, stretching from the Stanford Interchange to the Coryton refinery access, was put in place on Saturday 24 September and prevented an unauthorised trap racing event from taking place that weekend.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Gledhill said: “The initial TRO has already been effective – but only covered us for three months.

“As we said at the time, we would be working with council officers and police partners to get this permanent – and that is what we have delivered.

“I’m pleased that Essex Police continue to fully enforce the order – and one fine has already been issued.

“Residents should not have to put up with roads where they live being hijacked for illegitimate activities.”

Portfolio Holder for Highways and Transport, Cllr Brian Little, said: “None of us want to see a repeat of the disruptive and dangerous events on the roads which occurred in July.

“I am pleased we have been able to extend this order indefinitely, as it means expensive physical measures are even less likely.

“Doing so would affect lawful road users who should not be inconvenienced again by the actions of a few selfish individuals.”


  1. Great news, but surely a blanket ban across Thurrock would have been better as I am sure this will rear its head again as those participating will not stop their racing which has been on their calendar for many years.

    So cancelling out one location will only bring misery to others.

  2. TRO’s are used to govern the roads of the UK, anyone intending to work on our roads needs first to get a TRO then book road space with the local authority to work there to ensure no clashes with other works in the area (in other words planned), closing roads takes a little more time, investigation and planning, (diversions ect).

    Hence the ban is the only way to get these guys to understand they are not above the law.


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