Tuesday, May 28, 2024

No end in sight for getting fly-tipping cleared

YOU may well have noticed that fly-tipping is on the rise again in Thurrock. A few days ago, a large mound appeared in West Thurrock but perhaps the worst once is the one in the field close to the Treacle Mine roundabout. You get the feeling it could be there for as long as the “bales of hay” in Purfleet.

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: “Thurrock Council has been made aware of a recent surge of organised fly-tipping crime and are working with the Police and other partner organisations to take action. Although we are the responsible agency to clear fly-tips on our public land – whatever the size, these crimes must be reported to the Environment Agency (EA) for investigation.

“This recent flux of large-scale tips is a problem not just in Thurrock but is being seen across South Essex– neighbouring boroughs are experiencing similar issues and we are working with them to form a co-ordinated approach. Fly-Tips of this nature can cost thousands of pounds to clear at public expense requiring specialist equipment and incurring significant disposal costs per tonne.

“Thurrock Council’s environment team have been liaising with the EA about the tip in North Stifford, along with others, and have passed on all actionable evidence. We will continue to support their investigations every way that we can. Illegally dumped waste on public land will be cleared with hazardous waste and waste obstructing the highway being prioritised for removal.


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