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Victoria and Albert visit Beacon Hill

beacon-vROYAL Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer school Beacon Hill Academy was visited by two facilitators from the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) on Friday 2 November. The artists led an interactive multi- sensory workshop for 10 students.

Beacon Hill Academy chose a workshop called Tipu’s Tiger, about an Indian Sultan who was fascinated by the strength and power of the tiger.

The workshop offered ways for the children to make use of all their senses to learn about the story. They interacted with puppets, feeling different materials and textures, smelled curry spices and tea, and listened to the sounds of musical instruments. They also created their own animal masks.

The V&A workshop was picked by Beacon Hill Academy as part of its Thurrock Trailblazer programme. Thurrock Trailblazer is a cultural entitlement programme delivered by Royal Opera House, and offers Thurrock schools a wide range of arts and creativity inspired Continual Professional Development, in-school practical workshops, visits to cultural and heritage sites and performances throughout the academic year. Beacon Hill Academy is in its third year of working with Thurrock Trailblazer.

Amanda Bradley, teacher and Trailblazer Cultural Champion at Beacon Hill, chose the V&A workshop to provide students with a new sensory experience, and to build and develop partnerships and work collaboratively with external agencies. The whole school has previously had great success with an inclusive dance project by Trailblazer partner Confidance.

“The V&A were certainly an extraordinary resource to work in partnership with, and we look forward in anticipation to working collaboratively with them again in the future,” said Jacqueline Drew, Class Teacher at Beacon Hill Academy.

“The learning team at the V&A is delighted to be working with schools in Thurrock with the Royal Opera House’s Trailblazer initiative. We look forward to introducing young people in the area to our objects, collections and activities over the coming year and beyond,” said Adrian Deakes, Programme Manager, V&A Museum

To find out more about the Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer programme, please go to


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