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Could you bank a little time in Thurrock for Christmas?


TIME Bank Thurrock is a project aimed at helping people to help each other. The project is run by ngage, the community organisation and volunteer centre for Thurrock.

Time banks are a great way to feel part of the community and to offer your skills or spare time to help others, and choose help you’d like in return. For example, a Timebank member could help someone with their garden or accompany a patient to hospital, and in return could get help with a DIY project from a different Timebank member.

For every hour, which is equivalent to one time credit, someone ‘deposits’ in a Time Bank, they can ‘withdraw’ the equivalent time back in support when they need it. Each person decides what they can offer and everyone’s time is equal.

Time bank members can offer activities such as decorating and simple DIY home repairs, helping people go to appointments, shopping or doing simple errands, gardening or help with computers.

Terri Bryant, Time Bank coordinator said “There will many people who are in need of help over Christmas time. We recently had a request for someone who is a double amputee and bed bound that needed help packing up his belongings to move to an adapted property. After putting the request out we were inundated with responses from not only Time Bank members, but non-members too”.

“The Time Bank project is open to anyone over the age of 16 and can be great for people already volunteering, as they can bank their volunteer hours as time credits, and get back help for themselves when they need it. Alternatively people can choose to donate their time credits into a Thurrock community pot to help people who may not have the time credits to get help or support for themselves”.

If you are interested in joining the Time Bank scheme or would like further information about it please visit or

Alternatively call Terri Bryant, Time bank Coordinator on 01375 389893.


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