Sunday, December 3, 2023

UKIP bosses remain defiant as Thurrock Council insist that union flags will be taken down


BOTH union and St George flags across Thurrock are set to be taken down on Monday.

UKIP’s Tim Aker, under the auspice of the Tim Aker Foundation, was given permission by Thurrock Council to fly flags in Grays, South Ockendon, Aveley, Stifford Clays and Tilbury.

In September, they had put flags up in Tilbury to help highlight and commemorate National Seafarers Day.

The flags put up in November were, we understand, to create an atmosphere in the build up to Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday.

The flags were put up with the support of the Nicky Mason Charity, a charity set up to remember the fallen Aveley soldier, who died in 2008.

The move had proven so popular that residents were hoping that the flags could remain all year round.

However, Thurrock Council have told YT that the flags will be taken down on Monday December 12th.

It appears that UKIP cllr Tim Aker is remaining defiant and has onto social media to pledge that the flags would stay remain up “Even if they take them down. Who is with me?”

His fellow UKIP councillor, Jack Duffin has also remained defiant and criticised the council. His Facebook account states: “I am embarrassed to be a councillor in Thurrock Council while we have an officer class who hate this country. Time for them to apologise or resign.”



  1. Tim Aker is rabble rousing to keep the flags flying. After misleading the council into giving permission for flags to commemorate Rememberance Sunday. As he had no intention of taking them down and was just interested in generating this situation.

    I support the flying of Union flags in public and private spaces where they are on proper flagpoles or flagstaffs. It has always been considered disrespectful not to take down the Union Flag at night where it is not properly illuminated. Or allow it to become dirty, or damaged. Or to display it in an inappropriate manor.

    No doubt Tim Aker will pay for all the £75 Fly-posting fixed penalty notices. When the flags are put up again. That’s if his rantings don’t actually lead to confrontations with the council workers trying to take them down.

    Maybe Tim Aker should have used his Foundation money to install a few proper flagpoles around Thurrock. Instead of using it to set up this stunt. It’s only his council allowance money anyway. Which he won’t miss, as he is still coining it in as an MEP.

  2. I have read the article with regards Thurrock Council announcing that all Union and St George flags are to be taken down on Monday, and the ‘regulations’ as regarding how flags should be flown etc., yet I cannot see anywhere a reason why these are being taken down. Can anyone please explain?

    I understood that once a flag is declared suitable, it can be flown anywhere and at any time. This must apply extremely strongly to both of the flags in question.

  3. I always thought the “law of the land” was, the only flags to be flown were the Union Flag and the Countries flag. Why should they be taken down, they are not against any law.

  4. Cynical political posturing to promote ones own agenda in a faux attempt to “appear” to be patriotic is dishonest and manipulative.
    If one were truly patriotic and not self serving there would not be a need to advertise one beneficence but simply the act would be “reward” enough.
    Self congratulatory publicity is so desperate and immoral.

  5. […] The Tim Aker Foundation was given permission by Thurrock Council back in September to put up Union and St. George’s flags in Tilbury to commemorate National Seafarers Day and in November to mark Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. Today (Monday 12.12) the council started to take the flags down – presumably because the planning permission for them had expired. See here for the full story on Your Thurrock: UKIP bosses remain defiant as Thurrock Council insist that union flags will be taken down – […]


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