Lidl to move distribution centre to London Gateway

lidl-dpONE of the UK’s fastest growing supermarkets is setting up a distribution facility at DP World London Gateway.

Lidl UK will begin operating out of the 187,000sq ft distribution facility from February next year.

The distribution centre’s excellent location will enhance the award-winning supermarket’s distribution network to its 640-strong network of UK stores.

Lidl will occupy the warehouse areas of the Logistics Centre, which became vacant earlier this year.
Adrienne Howells, Lidl’s Head of Warehouse Expansion, said: “As we push forward with our UK expansion plans we continue to strengthen our core infrastructure in order to support our new and existing stores up and down the country. We are, therefore, pleased to have found a viable facility at DP World London Gateway Logistics Park that meets our current distribution requirements.”

Oliver Treneman, Property Development Director, DP World London Gateway, said: “We are delighted to have been able to work with Lidl in providing a solution to this aspect of its rapidly expanding distribution operation in the UK.

“DP World London Gateway is exceptionally well positioned to help retailers and third party logistics businesses to decrease time and cost in their supply chains.

“Our team of experts are able to assist with solutions and with one of Europe’s largest land- banks for distribution warehousing, on the same estate as the UK’s most advanced deep-sea container port, the advantages to cargo owners in utilising this facility are compelling.”

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