Monday, May 27, 2024

Tim Aker Foundation gives back to community at Christmas

UKIP councillor Tim Aker MEP has donated hundreds of pounds to Thurrock charities for Christmas.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “The motto of the Aker Foundation is ‘from Thurrock, for Thurrock’. When I was elected to Thurrock Council I said I would give my allowances back to the community.

“This year we have successfully run a free bus from Aveley to Romford every Friday and donated to fund the incredibly enjoyable Aveley Christmas Market.




aker-found-1I am therefore delighted that this Christmas I am able to announce several grants of £250 each to some incredibly worthy causes, which include:

– Thurrock Foodbank
– Thurrock Centre for Independent Living
– Open Door
– Thurrock Stroke Club
– Mates with Plates
– St Luke’s Hospice

“Times are tough for the voluntary sector at the moment and thousands of people rely on them for help and advice. Cuts in Local Government funding and a very challenging grant environment have left many local voluntary organisations in a precarious financial position.

“If you are considering making a donation this year why not consider donating to some of the wonderful voluntary organisations operating in Thurrock. Organisations delivering quality services to residents across Thurrock, often on shoe-string budgets. Together we really can turn Thurrock around.”


  1. Is the Tim Aker Foundation actually registered or is this public relations to make Tim look good. Part of me feels this is ego-centrical naming it that.

    But I am glad money has gone to charity to many politicians spend it on there duck pond.


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