Friday, April 12, 2024

Does anyone actually want a Grammar school in Thurrock?

OVER the past year, the portfolio holder for education, cllr James Halden has been pursuing the dream of a new Grammar School in Thurrock.

In a recent cabinet meeting, there was a reference to the one hundred Thurrock students who travel outwith the borough to a grammar school.

We have also heard a great deal of reference to “parental choice”.

So, in the spirit of fact checking we sent two simple questions to cllr Halden.

1. 100 students go to Grammar Schools out with borough. Of the 100, how many did you survey as part of plans for delivering a Grammar School to Thurrock?

2. Overall, how many parents throughout Thurrock have been surveyed?

The reply came five days later.

Cllr Halden said: “A vote of full council proclaimed Thurrock as a pro-grammar schools borough, as more competition in the school market place is healthy and supports social mobility.

“At the heart of this is selection based on ability – not a postcode lottery – and that is something this administration supports.

“We are getting on with the job of providing more choice to Thurrock’s parents.”

We will let you decide whether the answer to both questions is….none.


  1. where would they put this grammar school?,that is the big question,would it have a virtual front door in the middle of chafford hundred?.

  2. Your Thurrock seems to be having increasing trouble filling the void, that has been left by the Labour Party going virtually invisible. Well as far as trying to find them in any local news reports anyway.


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