Sounds like Thurrock…..

ONE OF the great advantages of a Tweetdeck is that it can act as a radar to what is going on in Thurrock. However, there can be a lot of white noise.

But over the years, we have got used to a number of names that have a “Thurrock connection”

Here is a list.

1. Charlotte Tilbury: British make-up artist

2. Aveley, Western Australia: They do have contacts with Aveley Primary

3. Purfleet, New South Wales: Have an active Aborigine council

4. Leon Ockendon: Actor who erectly appeared in Coronation Street.

5. Grays: Grays Ferry which is in South Philadelphia

6. Orsett: There is an Orsett Terrace in Paddington.

7. Corringham: There is a Jazz Artist called Viv Corringham and a Corringham in Lincolnshire.

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