Does Thurrock really only have five houses of multiple occupation (HMOs)?

THE subject of a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) comes up a lot in our sister paper, You get the feeling that Harlow District Council has a robust approach to them.

Under Section 232 of the Housing Act 2004 the Local Authority has a duty to establish and maintain a register of all licences issued.

Not every house in multiple occupation (HMO) needs to be licensed. A licence is needed only for properties that:

Consist of three storeys or more
Are occupied by five or more people
Have two or more households

Therefore, you may see a house that looks like a lot of people live in it but that does not mean it is required to be an HMO.

There are 52 in Harlow, a town with a population of 80,000. There are 75 in Southend.

Thurrock, a borough of 160,000 has just five.

FYI..They are:

32 Carew Close, Chafford Hundred
77 Gardener Ave, Corringham
29 Fenton Road, Chafford Hundred
55 Mayflower Road, Chafford Hundred
40 The Rookery, Grays

That does not seem to be many but perhaps you know differently?

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