Thursday, September 21, 2023

Girls hold Fright Night at Gateway Academy!


THE Gateway Academy pride themselves on running inspiring, fun and different events for students, such as WOW Day, DLD and now for the second year running, Year 11 Fright Nights. Over fifty very excited and easily frightened young girls attended the most recent event and from the minute they arrived, they were twitching and suitably terrified, in fitting with the ambience of the event.

Head of Year 11, Miss Jolene McManus, said “Our young girls were a credit to the school at this event, they were polite, helpful and most of all prepared to be scared witless for the evening! A night like this could not function if it was not for the help of our staff who gave up time away from family and friends to make the night a complete success. Mr Moruzzi took on the task of running the ghost walk again, which was absolutely brilliant and the girls even went round a second time. Mr Zeffie, in his pig costume, was hands-down the scariest. I am always overwhelmed with how willing staff are to help support events and to hang out with the students, it makes it all worthwhile.”

The boys Fright Night will be coming shortly!


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