Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How often should Thurrock Council have elections?

THURROCK Council would like your views on how often residents elect ward councillors who represent you on services such as housing, roads and bin collections in the borough.

In November, the Council will decide whether to change the frequency of council elections in Thurrock – a decision which affects everyone who lives or works here.

Currently, councillors of Thurrock Council are elected one third at a time over a four year cycle – with no council elections in the fourth year. Alternatively, all councillors could be elected at the same time once every four years.

Residents, businesses and organisations are being asked whether they want the current system to remain or it should change to once every four years.

Under both systems, there will still be 49 councillors of Thurrock Council who are each still elected to serve a four year term. It will also not affect the timings of other elections such as for parliament and Police and Crime Commissioner.

Leader of the Council and Chair of General Services Committee, Cllr Rob Gledhill, said: “This is a fundamental question about the way residents elect those who represent them and it’s only right that we ask all interested parties what their views are.

“As councillors, we have spoken a lot about this – now it’s time for us to take the question to the heart of the community and give all residents, businesses and organisations the opportunity to have their say. Both methods have their benefits and we all look forward to seeing the responses from residents.”

The consultation will run from Monday 9 January to Friday 31 March and is available from the council’s online consultation portal thurrock.gov.uk/mysayelections.


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