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Thameside Theatre “likely to close” in 2019.

A SINGLE line at the back of a Thurrock Council agenda seems to have sealed the fate of Thameside Theatre in Grays.

On page 62 of the agenda that was discussed on Wednesday January 12th, it said: “Building likely to close in the following year. Letting income potentially limited by nature of space”.

The matter was not discussed at the meeting of the ruling Conservative cabinet.

The statement may comes as a surprise to many. The last time (we were aware) that the future of the Thameside Theatre was publicly discussed was in February, 2016. Then, it was made very clear that the Thameside would only be closed when a replacement was “up and running”.

Proposals for a replacement theatre complex down by Grays Beach have been mooted but seem to not have got past the drawing board.

However, since then there has been a regime change and the budget will be voted on in a few weeks time.

The Thameside Complex (to give its correct name) comprises of a cafe, museum, library, auditorium, as well as several offices. It is also the place of employment for hundreds of people.

The leader of the Thurrock Labour group, cllr John Kent said: “When we were in power, it was very clear that the Thameside Complex would only close, when a replacement was up and running.

“This news is both shocking and disappointing not only for the thousands that use the facilities every day but those who work there.

Below are three films where the future of the Thameside Complex was discussed.

August 2014

Feb 2015

Feb 2016


  1. More than just a shame, I believe it will be the death of Grays. This Theatre puts on some amazing shows/concerts, more greed by Thurrock Council


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