Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Did UKIP threat to pull out of Budget committee force “U-Turn” on Tory Thameside Theatre decision?

UKIP leader Graham Snell 2

THE leader of Thurrock UKIP has questioned whether today’s statement by the leader of Thurrock Council on the Thameside Theatre may be connected with their threat to pull put of budget negotiations.

On Wednesday night at the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee, two Thurrock Conservative councillors are reported to have voted against a recommendation that the Thameside Theatre would not be closed before a new theatre is built.

UKIP Thurrock Group Leader, Cllr Graham Snell said: “After the vote on Wednesday, I made it very clear that UKIP would not support the administration in making any move to close the Thameside before a new facility has been put in place.

“Previous to the vote, I had been assured that work on a new theatre was being done and that the Thameside would indeed remain open until such time as its new home was ready. I was, therefore, considerably angered by what took place on Wednesday as it flew in the face of everything I had been assured was the case.

“Was this a case of Tories saying one thing whilst planning to do another or was it Tory Councillors going off piste? Only the Leader will know that. I felt strongly enough about this that I withdrew UKIP from the Council Spending Review and maybe it was that which has prompted today’s announcement?

“Whatever the reason, I welcome today’s statement.”


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