Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Report details level of heath crisis in Thurrock

Health Hub

A DETAILED report by Thurrock’s Director of Public Health that examines the health crisis in Thurrock as well as the possible solutions is set to be discussed at Thurrock Council this Wednesday night (Jan 25th).

The report (that can be seen in full below) looks at the problems such as the lack of GPs, the increase in residents going to A and E at Basildon Hospital, the number of patients with long term health problems in Thurrock. But it also offers solutions such as “Integrated Health Hubs”.

The bottom line appears to be that “Thurrock Council is predicting an £18-22M financial deficit over the next three years without strategic transformational action”.



  1. 700 Billion for Rich Bankers thats who New Labour and the conservatives support.

    Privatisation of the NHS is next and the politicians will sell it off to their friends. then it will get sold off to foreign ownership

    Screw the hard working thurrock taxpayers us conservatives and new labour are on the make.


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