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New housing plans agreed for Tops Club in Grays

THE Planning committee agreed an application last week (Wednesday 19 January) for 29 new flats in a five storey residential block on the Tops Social Club site in Argent Street, Grays.

Tops Club

After the initial plans were knocked back in October for not having enough parking, the Chair of the committee, Cllr Tom Kelly, was pleased to see the plans returned amended following the advice.

Cllr Kelly said: “This development from the Council’s housing new build programme will be popular in Grays. Located near the river, near the town centre and near the station will be a commuters dream and 100% affordable housing.”

Affordable housing is usually provided at below market prices for people with a local connection to Thurrock. It is for people who are unable to afford to purchase or rent houses generally available on the open market without financial assistance as their only home.

Cllr Kelly added: “The site also includes the repositioning and improvement of the existing playground, which is great for neighbours and future home owners and went through a design review ensuring high quality design bringing further positive regeneration to Grays.

“It was clearly a popular application – it was agreed unanimously.”


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