Friday, May 17, 2024

“One day there will be a fatal accident here….”

LOCAl councillors are looking into the number of accidents and “near misses” at a busy zebra crossing in Grays.

The crossing in question is the one that runs between the Old Courthouse and the War Memorial.

In December, a small child was in collision with a motorbike.

But local businesses are increasingly concerned at the situation.

Staff at Griffins Estate Agents have been in discussion with local Grays Riverside councillors, Jane Pothecary and Martin Kerin.

This is a story that we will continue to monitor.

Orsett Road Grays


  1. i think the zebra crossing futher down the road outside the old labour exchange is much more dangerous,it right on the bend in the road and makes it hard for drivers to see when someone is crossing the road.

  2. It’s difficult enough to drive through Grays without ladies urinating on the memorial in turn taking away a drivers attention.

    Seriously though I find night-time driving is shadowy and poorly lit with pedestrians wearing dark clothes, when they just walk out on the crossing as many have done day or night, it can be frightening and dangerous.


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