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Thurrock childcare centre branded “Inadequate” by Ofsted for second time in five months

A THURROCK childcare centre has been branded as inadequate by government inspectors for the second time in five months.

Ofsted made the judgement when they visited the Children Learning Under Brilliance centre based on London Road in Grays in August 2016.

But they returned in January and found that little, if anything had improved.

They made the following observations:

1. Children’s safety and welfare are significantly compromised. The provider does not ensure that the premises are clean, safe and fit for purpose. Risk assessments are not consistently applied to identify and address hazards to children in the playrooms and the outdoor area.

2. The provider does not ensure that there are suitable facilities for the hygienic preparation of food and not all staff involved in preparing and handling food have received training in food hygiene.

3. The provider does not ensure that there are always sufficient staff to supervise children and meet their care needs. Staff do not ensure that they have prior written permission from parents before administering medication.

4. Observation, assessment and planning procedures are not effective in supporting children to make good progress. The provider and key persons do not adequately monitor children’s learning to ensure they are making progress from their individual starting points.

5. Routines and activities are not effectively organised to support all children to follow their interests and extend their learning.

Ofsted does have two positive things to say.

1. Staff are warm and caring. They immediately give children praise for any achievements, which helps to raise their confidence and self-esteem.

2. The provider and staff have worked hard to improve partnerships with parents. Information for parents is provided and their contribution is valued.

Ofsted has now issued a Welfare Rights Requirement requiring the provider to:

Ensure that the premises are safe, clean and fit for purpose and comply with requirements of health and safety legislation
Take all reasonable steps to identify and minimise hazards to children, both indoors and outside
Ensure that there are suitable facilities for the hygienic preparation of food and that those involved in preparing and handling food are competent to do so
Ensure that sufficient staff are deployed to ensure children are adequately supervised at all times
Ensure that written parental permission is obtained before administering any medication to children.

To meet the requirements of the early years foundation stage the provider must: Due Date
Ensure that staff plan and organise activities and routines effectively to support the individual needs, interests and stages of development of each child, Including those with special educational needs or disabilities and children who speak English as an additional language
Ensure that the assessments of children’s learning and development are consistent and precise so that gaps in their learning are addressed swiftly and Information is used to plan activities that specifically target children’s learning needs.

YT contacted the owners of the centre for a response but they had not replied at the time of publication.


  1. My children have been with The C.L.U.B For Over 2 Years Now Since The Manager Was Doing Childminding At Her Home Which She Always Has Had Good Ofstead Reports. I Have Always Felt comfortable and Happy With The Serives Provided, My Children Have Learnt And Developed Alot Why Being At T.H.E C.L.U.B I Have Never Had Any Conserns And My Children Have Always Been Safe And Are Always Happy and Excited To Return And They Are Still With THe C.L.U.B To Date and i wont be removing them due to this as their happyness comes first.


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