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Grays teenager whose motorbike crash left another with life-changing injuries and also crashed a Land Rover escapes jail

Lodge Lane

A GRAYS teenager who caused a motorbike crash that left another youth with serious injuries and also stole a Land Rover which ploughed into another driver has escaped jail.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared at Basildon Youth Court on February 7th, 2017.

He pled guilty to the following

1. On 12/04/2016 at Grays, drove a motor vehicle, on a road namely Woodview while disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence.

2. On 12/04/2016 at Grays, drove a motor bicycle, on a road, namely Woodview, Grays, without wearing protective headgear.

3. On 12/04/2016 at Grays, caused serious injury by driving a mechanically propelled vehicle, dangerously on a road namely Woodview, Grays.

4. Conviction of an offence while a youth rehabilitation order made by South Essex Magistrates Court on 15/11/2016 is in force.

The offence that the youth committed whilst subject to a youth rehabilitation order was as follows:

1. On 11/11/2016 at GRAYS drove a motor vehicle namely LAND ROVER on a road namely LODGE LANE while disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence.

2. On 11/11/2016 at GRAYS used a motor vehicle, namely LAND ROVER on a road, or other public place, namely HATHAWAY ROAD,LODGE LANE, when there was not in force in relation to that use such a policy of insurance.

3. On 11/11/2016 at GRAYS, being the driver of a mechanically propelled vehicle, namely LAND ROVER, on a road, namely HATHAWAY ROAD,LODGE LANE, failed to stop the vehicle on being required to do so by a constable in uniform.

4. On 11/11/2016 at Grays, without the consent of the owner or other lawful authority, took a mechanically propelled vehicle, namely Land Rover, for the use of yourself or another and after the vehicle was unlawfully taken and before it was recovered, the vehicle was driven dangerously on a road, namely Arterial Road West Thurrock. Additional aggravating factors were and a collision occured causing injury.

There were also five other offences relating to road traffic and theft to an offence in Kent that the youth pled guilty to.

He was sentenced to:

1. Youth rehabilitation order made.
Participate in Reparation for 50 days. (50hrs),

2.Curfew Requirement with Electronic Monitoring: Be under a curfew for six months with electronic monitoring.
Start date 07/02/2017. Start time 21:00. End date 06/08/2017. End time 06:00.

Curfew details: To remain at home address daily between 9pm and 6am.

3. Prohibited activity requirement: Not to be in or on any motor vehicle other than public transport, unless with an adult family member or approved adult over the age of 25 who holds a full licence and is insured for 24 months.

4. Prohibited from entering Linford Pits for 12 months.

5. Disqualified for holding or obtaining a driving licence for 3 year(s) from 10/01/2017. Disqualification obligatory for the offence. Driving record endorsed. Section 34(1) Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988.


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