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Parents express concerns over Maths teaching at Gable Hall

Gable Hall

IF there is one group of parents who are not backward in coming forward when it comes to the education of their children, it is the parents of Gable Hall students.

One of the issues that has come across their radar is the quality of Maths teaching and/or the access to Maths teachers in the Corringham-based school.

This article is not intended to “have a go” at Gable Hall School. Problems with Maths teaching appear to exist across the borough, the county and the country.
Many heads say that it is hard to recruit Maths teachers. Maths teachers, they say can “name their price”.

A long and intense debate has taken place on social media regarding this issue.

Among the concerns are:

1. “My daughter is doing her GCSEs this year and has not got a teacher..usually non teaching staff sitting with them doing work books.

2. “My son is in Year 8 and comes home telling me he has not learned anything and just doing sheets of work.

3. My daughter doing well there and in Year 9 now. She has some amazing teachers, especially English and Science but does seem to have an issue
with the Maths department.

4. My sister had roughly ten Maths teachers in one year.

5. I left last year. I had numerous different teachers. A lot of them being cover teachers and barely any of them knew a thing about Maths.

Since the debate, one parent said they had a meeting with senior management.

They said: “Had a good honest meeting regarding Maths dept. They never ran from the truth and agreed / accepted that they have huge problems.

“The good news is that they are stopping with agency teachers and have four permanent teachers coming on board, one of which started today.

“During our meeting they discussed their support plans, for example, the Maths revision that they organised for year 11 over the half term.

YT has contacted the headteacher, Dr Sophina Asong but have yet to receive a reply.


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