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Thurrock Community Policing Team: February Report

Community Policing 3

Report by PCSO JoJo Mitchell

THURROCK CPT has had a proactive month concentrating on our Community safety partnership priorities. As well as this we have had a few extra pieces of good work from the team.

PCSO’s Gary Woolford and Kelly Roberts located a male who was wanted by the Metropolitan police on February 1, the male was arrested and dealt with for failure to appear.

PC Rob Watts has seized 3 vehicles on Operation Wagtail this month, 2 for no insurance and 1 for no licence and no insurance.

PCSO Gary Woolford located a male who was wanted for GBH offences on February 4, the male was arrested and taken into custody.
On February 5 PC’s Adam Colbear and Martin Hatfield executed 2 warrants at addresses resulting in class A drugs being discovered at the first and class B drugs located at the second.

Also on February 5 PC Paul Glensman discovered a male riding a stolen bike, and after a foot chase he apprehended the suspect who was also arrested for possession and supply of drugs.

On February 6 PC Rob Watts was on proactive patrols with Thurrock council’s anti-social behaviour team in Tilbury when they discovered a male with a small amount of cannabis, and a cannabis warning was issued.

Operation Sacrifice has continued throughout the month, with PC Paul Armstrong sending out 5 warning letters to vans believed to be used in the transportation of off road bikes and issuing 2 section 59 warnings to riders in Aveley. PC Paul Glensman seized an off road bike riding along Blackshots playing field, and issued a section 59 warning to another. PCSO’s Gary Woolford and Kelly Roberts also issued a section 59 warning to a rider in King Edward drive, Grays.

A missing person was located by PC Martin Hatfield on February 6, and was taken to a place of safety.

PC Rob Watts continues to take the lead on Operation Mole, investigating industrial fly tipping and working with the Environmental agency and Kent police and council to combat the issue.

February 12 saw PC Neil Brand and PCSO Billy Page discovering a stolen moped from Tilbury whilst on a routine patrol, and PC Natalie Malone assisting the RSPCA with an abandoned horse.

PC Adam Colbear and PCSO Billy Page were on patrol when they stopped a female in possession of a small amount of drugs in Chafford Hundred on February 12, and a cannabis warning was issued.

Also on February PCSO’s Linda Ovel and JoJo Mitchell were first on scene to a suspects on premises, they located the suspects and after a short pursuit males were stopped and searched.

PCSO Billy Page and PCSO Mac Neife were on Patrol on February 13 when they located a stolen vehicle in Grays which was then forensically recovered as part of the investigation.

On February 15 PC Neil Brand completed 2 stop searches whilst on a partnership patrol with Thurrock Council’s ASB team, resulting in 2 adult females receiving cannabis warnings

On 16 February PCSO’s Billy Page and JoJo Mitchell dealt with incident in South Ockendon whereby a shopkeeper was being harassed by approximately 30 youths, leading to two of the group assaulting him and causing criminal damage. PCSO Mitchell took the crime report and assisted the shopkeeper with cleaning up the damage. PCSO Page circulated descriptions of the youths after viewing CCTV of youths. PC Neil Brand, being nearby detained a male and PCSO Page then came and positively identified the suspect.

February 17 saw PC’s Rob Watts and Paul Glensman receive command team mention certificates from Supt Andy Mariner for their part in the arrest of a suspect for a double stabbing late last year.

Grays town centre hosted a Love Grays event with the Grays town partnership on February 25, and we attended alongside our Essex Police cadets, Special Constables and Active citizen recruits. The event was a success with plenty of interest in our policing opportunities.

PCSO’s Aimee Dilloway and Linda Ovel located a stolen moped in Grays on February 25 and had this forensically recovered. It is believed that this was being used to commit crime and is currently being investigated.

PC Rob Watts issued a ticket for driving otherwise in accordance with a licence to a female in South Ockendon, after she was driving a vehicle without wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Our next local community meeting will be held on March 14 at the Harris Academy in MayflowerRroad, Chafford hundred from 7pm to 8.30pm. Come along and have your say on local policing priorities.


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