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Thurrock Labour slam Tory Government’s Spring Budget.

Labour HRA

THE Thurrock Labour group has criticised the government’s budget.

Lee Watson, Vice Chair of the local Party, said “This Budget shows two things: You can’t trust the Tories on their tax promises and they are refusing to deal with the crisis in the NHS.

“The Tories’ decision to break their manifesto pledge not to raise National Insurance contributions shows a complete contempt for the British people. They promised four times in their manifesto not to raise NICs and now they have.

“The Tories claim to be in favour of low taxes but they have now raised the tax burden to its highest level since 1982.

“Not only will national insurance rise, here in Thurrock there is the 5% council tax rise, the new £400 charges for some tenants, and increases of up to £780 for residents in sheltered accommodation. Ordinary people, not millionaires, are feeling the squeeze from this Tory Government. They are making us all poorer every year.”

She continued “To make matters worse, they have failed to properly address the big issues in the NHS and social care. Basildon hospital remains in a deep crisis. Now it seems that Orsett Hospital is to close. The measures announced for social care are completely insufficient for the scale of the problem.”

Thurrock Labour are campaigning against the local Tory tax increases, in particular the planned £780 per year charge for pensioners in sheltered housing.

Mrs Watson concluded “While the NHS is falling apart, the Tories are doing nothing other than think about the latest way to NIC our money to pay for their economic incompetence.”


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